Machinery and Equipment Valuations

SAI machinery and equipment appraisers are accredited by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), whose rigorous qualifications and continuing education standards assure the highest level of professional valuation service. Visit Why Accreditation Matters to learn the importance of accreditation when selecting an appraiser.

Additionally, all SAI appraisal reports comply with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices) which gives added value and credibility to the intended user(s) and within the legal community.

SAI offers a wide range of appraisal and valuation services nationally and worldwide for machinery & equipment and inventories. The appraisal and valuation services are utilized by banks, financial institutions, leasing companies, other appraisal companies and government entities just to name a few.
The SAI professionals have proven time and again the dedication to provide our clients with a comprehensive report designed to fit the scope of a specific project while maintaining the highest level of responsiveness.

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Appraisal and Valuation Purposes:

• Leasing and loan inception and termination
• Re-Financing
• Allocation of purchase price
• Supporting overlay for business valuations
• Cost segregation
• Litigation support
• Liquidation
• Buy-Outs
• Estate Planning
• Divorce
• Insurance
• Loss Settlement
• Bankruptcy
• Property tax purposes (for either the taxing Authority or the property
• Condemnation and IRS reporting support of donations
• Work-In-Progress valuations
• Divorce
• Corporate and Partnership Dissolutions
• Management considerations
• Taxation – including income tax, property tax, estate and gift taxes or
charitable contributions

Appraisal and Valuation Reports:

» Opinion of Value

The opinion of Value provides a general opinion of the current “market value” or “market value in continued use” of an asset. This product does not include any market research, or general scrutiny of the overall specifications and maintenance status of the aircraft.
Additional Options: Residual Values, Forced Liquidation Value, Orderly Liquidation Value

» Desktop Appraisal

A Desktop Appraisal provides a “fair market value” or “market value in continued use” based on specifications furnished by the client or an outside third party.
Additional Options: Residual Values, Forced Liquidation Value, Orderly Liquidation Value

» Audit & Appraisal Report

This appraisal product involves a full audit of the asset and associated documentation. A current fair market value or “market value in continued use” is established for the asset that is determined by its specific characteristics.
Additional Options: Residual Values, Forced Liquidation Value, Orderly Liquidation Value

» Residual Value Analysis

This product focuses on estimating a “future fair market value,” for a designated asset through a specified calendar time frame. The analysis is based on historical data and current indicators, which can also be adjusted for inflationary assumptions.

» Custom Reports

We will work with you to create new products or customize our existing products to meet your valuation needs.

Non-Valuation Reports:

» Collateral Audit

This product involves a full physical audit of the specified asset, along with its associated records. The object is to detail the overall condition of the asset. There are no value representations associated with this product; nor should it be employed as a tool for determining the operational serviceability of the collateral.

» Collateral Verification Check

This product involves a cursory physical audit of the specified asset and records. The sole purpose of this product is to verify the existence and general physical condition of the specified asset.

» Diminution of Value Report

The Diminution of Value Report involves a physical inspection of the specified asset (if included in the work scope), a market assessment, and an appraisal. The work scope associated with the process involves a physical inspection of the asset to include all related equipment and the associated records, a complete review of the damage inflicted and the associated repairs, and a fair market value assessment of the asset. The end product is comprised of a detailed written report depicting the overall condition of the asset, the full scope and type of damage that occurred, and a representation of any perceived diminution of value. Although there are value representations associated with this product, they should not be employed as tools for determining the technical airworthiness or serviceability of the asset. The sole purpose of this product is to verify the extent of the damage, general physical condition of the specified asset, and what, if any, potential there is for a diminution of value.

» Insurance Value Report

The determination of insurable value is a common purpose for which appraisals are required. Insurance appraisals are required to establish a value for insurance coverage to indemnify the insured against loss. The insurable value is of concern to owners, lessors, lessees, insures, agents, and brokers.

The insurable value may be equivalent to replacement cost new if the insurance coverage is provided on a replacement policy. More often; however, the insurable value will be predicated on replacement cost new less depreciation or a used cost of like kind, quality, and condition plus appropriate freight, taxes, and installation. This is often referred to as the actual cash value.

Because many insurance policies covering industrial and commercial machinery and equipment include a coinsurance (average) clause, a good appraisal is essential to ensure financial recovery in case of loss.

An appraisal done for an insurance loss settlement is done after the loss has occurred.