An SAI audit provides a methodical review of a subject’s associated documentation and physical assets. Audits are performed to assist with valuations, verifications, or for portfolio assessments. Audits for valuation purposes should not be confused with a CPA’s audit of financial information. Audits in connection with the preparation of valuation reports do not include procedures designed to discover defalcation or other irregularities, should any exist.

For machinery and aircraft, this service can be employed to provide verification of the asset’s physical status, its usage, regulation compliance, maintenance compliance, damage status or repair, and in some cases, its continued existence.

For business clients, audits are performed to examine records and documents to verify completeness. A business’ inventory and other physical assets may also be audited when necessary.

Audit Reports and Services

» Aviation / Aircraft Collateral Audit
This product involves a full physical audit of the specified aircraft, along with its associated records. The object is to detail the overall condition of the collateral. There are no value representations associated with this product; nor should it be employed as a tool for determining the technical airworthiness or serviceability of the collateral.

» Aviation / Aircraft Collateral Verification Check

This product involves a cursory physical audit of the specified aircraft and records. The sole purpose of this product is to verify the existence and general physical condition of the specified collateral.

» Machinery & Equipment Audit

A Machinery & Equipment Audit uses methods to determine the class, identification, and listing of assets. These methods are performed on a macro- or micro-identification level. Inventory audits are included in this category.

» Business Audit

The Business Valuation Audit is a process of data gathering to assist the analyst in the determination of the valuation methods used on a particular engagement. The data collected is only that which is available or discernable as of the selected valuation date. The data includes both the review and inspection of a company’s internal operational information and its physical assets, if required.

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