About SAI

Specialty Aviation, Inc. was formerly J & B Aviation. J & B Aviation was formed in 1991 by John and Barbara Spoor as primarily an FAA maintenance facility. In addition to the maintenance facility, the company maintained and restored antique/classic aircraft and provided flight training.

Specialty Aviation was incorporated in December 2002 as a business responding to additional opportunities in the aviation industry. SAI has evolved into a premier aircraft and aviation valuation business involved in thousands of aircraft appraisals from light single engine to heavy multi-engine transport aircraft. The core of our appraisal business is corporate/business aircraft, averaging 125 appraisals per year. SAI specializes in aircraft valuation, aviation business & facilities valuation, asset risk management, technical consulting and legal expert witness. In addition to onsite maintenance, our maintenance facility has developed into a “state of the art” technical research and inspection division that supports each valuation

What sets Specialty Aviation, Inc. ahead of its competitors are the staff members. Our consultants have experience specific to the aviation industry and all have received extensive company training. Each assignment is diligently pursued to arrive at the most accurate solution and/or conclusion defined by the scope of the project. The quality service provided to our clients is known for its responsiveness and innovative use of technology. The following descriptions substantiate the unique staff backgrounds not found in most valuation companies.

John B. Spoor, Jr. is a founding member and C.E.O. of Specialty Aviation, Inc. He has over 45 years experience in the aviation industry with over 25,000 hours flight time. Among his many licenses and ratings are an Airline Transport Pilot (ME, B-767.N-757, B-737, B-727, SA227) Flight Engineer (Turbo Jet), Certified Flight Instructor Airplane – Instrument, Multi Engine Instrument, Instrument Ground Instructor/Advanced Ground Instructor, and an Airframe & Powerplant mechanic with Inspection Authorization. John also possesses a B.S. in Aviation Business Management, A.A.S. in Aviation Maintenance Technology with training in Aviation Law. His resume includes experience as chief pilot in conjunction as director of maintenance of a FAR part 135 air taxi operation. John currently holds the position of captain for United Airlines and has been a designated FAA check airman on the Boeing 727. Additional  designations held are Aviation Safety Counselor in operations and airworthiness for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Barbara A. Spoor is a founding member and President and C.F.O. of Specialty Aviation, Inc. Barb has over 35 years experience in the aviation industry with over 1700 flight hours. She has an extensive background in aviation finance, aviation insurance and professional flight instruction. She possesses licenses, ratings and designations that include; Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor Airplane – Instrument, Original Insurance Producer in all lines of Insurance and is an active member and senior certified appraiser (Machinery & Technical Specialties/Aircraft and Machinery & Technical Specialties/Machinery & Equipment) of the American Society of Appraisers. Barb has worked over 20 years conducting aircraft valuations and as an expert witness regarding aircraft issues.

Francisco Picornell is a accredited senior appraiser with American Society of Appraisers. His experience entails corporate jets to piston aircraft. He has appraised hundreds of aircraft over his tenure with Asset Insight, LLC and now is working with Specialty Aviation, Inc.

Francisco Picornell was a founding member of Asset Insight, LLC and has been involved with the technical asset management systems development area since 2004. Francisco Co-founded companies focused on developing innovative, practical and cost-effective technical asset management and risk mitigation solutions with AsseTrack Corporation in 2004 as a technology development incubator and Asset Insight Inc. in 2012. In 2016, Asset Insight, Inc. merged with SAI Valuations to form the current Asset Insight, LLC combining leading edge technology capabilities in both the Technical Asset Management and Asset Valuation/Appraisal markets.

Additionally, Francisco has over 15 years of experience with Major OEM airframe manufacturers in the Regional Airline and Business Jet markets in the asset management, global marketing operations, sales support and market analysis functions. Formal education includes an MBA, MS in Systems Management and BS in Air Commerce with Flight Technology. With over 1,000 hours of flight time, Francisco holds a Commercial pilot license with single and multi-engine ratings and is an active pilot regularly flying animal rescue flights.

Specialty Aviation, Inc. belongs to and subscribes to several organizations and publications relevant to the aviation and valuation industry. Among those are National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Business and Commercial Aviation, JetNet, Trade-a-Plane, Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest, Aircraft Bluebook Historical Reference and Aircraft Value Reference. All members of the SAI team have available access and are expected to use and reference these resources. All of our appraisers are accredited by the American Society of Appraisers and all of our reports are Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant and certified by the appraiser. SAI also has qualified ASA members in Machinery & Equipment and Business Valuation.

  • Timeliness. Each engagement is assigned to at least 2 or more consultants to ensure that reports meet the deadlines without compromising quality.
  • Comprehensive. We maintain extensive databases; perform thorough inspections and network with industry experts to provide accuracy in our reports.
  • Innovation. Our services are uniquely designed to meet client’s needs specific to the scope and purpose of each assignment.


Specialty Aviation, Inc. services used by lenders and owners to safeguard capital investments, define needs, implement solutions and manage ongoing strategies thus enhancing successful long-term operations.