Fractional Aircraft

SAI reports comply with USPAP guidelines and SAI appraisers are accredited by the ASA under the “Machinery & Technical Specialties” with designations in Aircraft.

Know before you sign a Fractional Agreement

Fractional aircraft ownership has proven to be a convenient, economical, and safe alternative for many aviation travelers. Like any major asset purchase or sale, it pays to use trusted and experienced professionals to avoid loss or liability.

When signing a fractional purchase agreement, there are contractual obligations that must be completely understood regarding the value of the ownership shares upon entry (purchase) and exit (sale). SAI’s knowledge on the particulars of fractional ownership and the aviation markets will ensure that you have the appropriate counsel upon entering any transaction.

The Fractional Contract

Both the provider and the share holders have certain responsibilities. The legal and technical jargon of purchase agreements can be very long and confusing. The assigned value or the binding language may not be in the shareholders’ best interest. SAI’s assistance in the preliminary phases of fractional ownership can be crucial to a positive outcome.

Fractional Resolution – End of Ownership

When a share holder contemplates the sale of their ownership, the fractional provider will offer to buy back that share at fair market value as defined under the purchase agreement. If the provider and the shareholder disagree on the “Fair Market Value” of the aircraft, independent appraisers are used to determine that value. SAI has been very successful in the determination of fair market values that benefit shareholder interests.

SAI Provides:

• Fractional Appraisals
• Fractional Valuations
• Fractional Review
• Fractional Consulting

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